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I love adventures. I love visual storytelling. I especially love collaborating with like-minded people to craft & create meaningful, beautiful and socially-conscious projects. 

Working in a cross-section of formats and genres; documentaries, narrative films, commercials, digital content & TV series', keeps things exciting, innovative & versatile. Whether it be filming in outback Australia or downtown Hong Kong, shooting in the slums of New Delhi, gathering honey in remote jungles in Kenya, collecting stories on Native American reservations in South Dakota or Andean villages in Peru or crawling around the dark depths of the NYC sewers. I am excited by the adventure, enchanted by the people you meet along the way and intrigued by the range of stories there are to tell. 

I am lucky to have cut my teeth in the Sydney film industry with some of the best producers in the business, established a solid production foundation and understanding of film making. With just a backpack and a couple of phone numbers written on a napkin. I made the leap to NYC. 

After 8 years of calling New York my home, working on many amazing projects, the sunny skies & ocean lured me to the coastline of Los Angeles and have been attempting to surf ever since. With a love for both cities, I have been bouncing between both coasts since; working locally to both Los Angeles and New York City.

My fav past time is plotting and planning the next adventure, or busting some moves on a dance floor. I would love to talk about ideas, stories, collaborations, and opportunities. 

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